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Attraction located at the Hotel The Pod Jedlami hotel is located right at a yellow tourist hiking trail leading the Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie peak. Starting from the hotel, you can reach the peak in 60-90 minutes, depending on the walking pace. Below the peak, there is the Telesforówka shelter where you can have a meal and drink. Our facility is located at the edge of the forest and is a perfect place for forest strolls. In autumn, the forests nearby are full of wild mushroom what makes our hotel very popular among mushroom pickers. More information on the attractions at the hotel can be found in the Amenities tab. Attractions in the neighbourhood SPORTS TOURIST ATTRACTIONS 1. SKI JUMPS - the centre of Wisła - located in the town centre, at the main street. The current ski jumps of the K10, K20, K40 construction points, were erected in 1962-1963 and modernised in 2014. Junior and Youth Competition is organised there on a regular basis. 2. THE STATUE OF ADAM MAŁYSZ MADE OF WHITE CHOCOLATE - the centre of Wisła, Spa House A statue of our champion, 250 cm tall, was made in 2001 of a block of chocolate weighing 300 kg. Eight confectioners of the Polish Confectioners' Association were working at its curving for 264 hours. The statue weighs 180 kg. 3. ADAM MAŁYSZ FAN CLUB - the "U Bociana" Bracki Bar, address: Wisła, ul, Kopydło 20a, phone: 33 855 18 33 Located about 2 km away from the Wisła centre towards Istebna. The place is associated with the worship for our champion and you can actually see a a wall of the BOCIAN FAN CLUB member and display cases full of photos. 4. ADAM MAŁYSZ GALLERY - address: Wisła Oaza, ul. 1 Maja 48a, phone no. 517 567 660, www.malysz.org In the gallery you can see: four Crystal Globe trophies for winning the World Cup, medals from world championship in Lahiti, Sapporo and Val Di Fiemme, ski jumping suits and jumping skis, and many more memorabilia related to Adam Małysz's career. In the gallery you may also buy various gadgets and souvenirs. 5. ADAM MAŁYSZ SKI JUMP - address: Wisła Malinka, ul. Malinka, phone:33 855 51 05, www.wisla-malinka.com. It is located at the road 942 towards Szczyrk and Bielsko. The ski jump was commissioned on 27th September 2008. It is the only ski jump in the world with the landing area being a part of the building with the stands under which there is a tunnel for regular road traffic. Summer and winter competitions are organised there. The ski jump may be visited everyday during the season, in weekends off-season. Having used a chairlift to the top, you may climb up the tower the ski jumpers use in order to take a run-up to the take-off table. From that spot you can take the Cieńkowska Loop and reach the Cieńków peak where you can see picturesque views of Wisła Czarne Valley and Wisła Malinka, the Silesian Beskid Panorama. Then you can take another chairlift down to the car park and return through Malinka valley (a walking path through the forest by the road/alongside the Malinka stream) to the car park at the ski jump. The route may also be taken the other way round. You have to buy a ticket to the Cieńkowska Loop - get it at the ski jump or at the lower station of the chairlift to Cieńków. 6. MUSEUM OF SKIING - the centre of Wisła, address: ul. Wodna 3, phone: 33 855 15 19 The Museum of Skiing has a rich private exhibits collection of skiing equipment and old skis (among them skis of the late 19th century and 1930's). The gathered exhibits include, among others, Adam Małysz's skis with which he won the Polish Championship. The collection has more than 80 items. The facility may be visited free of charge, Monday - Sunday 10:00-16:00. 7. AVENUE OF SPORTS STARS - the centre of Wisła The avenue is located along the promenade running through the Wisła market square, i.e., B. Hoff's plaza. The collection had been initiated by Adam Małysz,later joined: Janusz Rokicki, Apoloniusz Tajner, Jan Szturc, Jan Kawulok, Jan Legierski. REGIONAL TOURISTIC ATTRACTIONS 1. "NA GRAPIE" MUSEUM - address: Jaworzynka 720, the Gorzołki hamlet, phone: 33 855 65 20 , www.nagrapie.com The museum is located in a quaint village, Jaworzynka, where the boundaries of three countries meet: Poland, Czech and Slovakia. The museum building is organised in a wooden cottage built in 1920 where original equipment is in place, like oven, farm tools and skis, absolutely necessary in winter. In the museum there many temporary exhibitions and educational workshops arranged, i.e., sewing of Kierpce (hard-soled leather moccasins) and regional outfits or wool spinning. 2. "U NIEDŹWIEDZIA" ART GALLERY - the centre of Wisła, address: pl. B. Hoff 3, (basement at the Kopczyński park), phone: 33 855 17 99. In the gallery you can see the array of artistic work of the Group of Artists Wiślanie Association. Most of works and souvenirs are for sale. Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 10:00-14:00, in summer and winter season 10:00-16:00. 3. "NA SZAŃCACH" SHELTER - the Pastoral Centre in Koniaków, phone: 602 128 388 Between October and April visits have to be individually arranged. It is a place where traditional cheeses, such as: bundz, bryndza, wołoski cheese (e.g. oscypek) are made. Also Żyntyca is made there - the tradition of this beverage dates back to 14th century. In the nearby highlander's shop you can get original souvenirs from the mountains: linen shirts, shepherd's axe (ciupaga), wide shepherd's belt or products made of wool and leather. 4. "CHATA U KAWULOKA" - address: Istebna, Wojtosze 824, phone: 790 262 829, www.chataukawuloka.pl Visits on prior phone call. It is the most popular regional chamber on the Cieszyn Silesia region. The chamber is located in a highlander's cottage from 19th century. In the past it was a workshop of Jan Kawulok (1899-1976) - an excellent storyteller and instrumentalist. Today you can listen to old time stories accompanied by traditional musical instruments. 5. THE BESKID MUSEUM WITH THE WOODEN CONSTRUCTION ENCLAVE - address: Wisła, ul. Stellera 1 (market place), phone: 33 855 22 50 The museum is located in a inn building from 1794 which in the past was a shelter for worshippers. Currently, this fascinating place takes a glimpse into the history and folklore of the Beskid Śląski region and the museum established in 1964, apart from the permanent exhibition, shows many temporary exhibitions. At the Beskid Museum you can also find the Wooden Construction Enclave including old school building, forge, peasant cottage with traditional oven and shepherd's shelter with holding pen. The place is also attractive due to an apiary. 6. "CHATA KOCYANA" - address: Wisła, os. Bajcary 6, phone 33 855 51 98 Chamber of Creative Work of Jan Kocyan - a recognised folk artist - belongs to indisputable ethnographic curiosity of the Beskid Śląski region. The chamber is located in a wooden cottage from 1930 relocated from Wisła Czarne to Nowa Osada. Here you can see old dishes and tools, some works of local sculptors, painters, embroiderers and lace-makers. 7. THE LACE MUSEUM - the Maria Gwarek Regional Chamber, address: Koniaków 505, phone: 33 855 64 23 Chamber of Creative Work of Helena and Mieczysław Kamieniorz (Koniaków 301), phone: 33 855 65 61 - visits after prior phone call. The Koniaków lace is a handicraft of over 200 years of tradition. Thanks to the lace, Koniaków is known worldwide. In the Maria Gwarek Chamber you can see, among others, traditional table cloths and ornaments made of lace, also unfinished serviette made on a special order of Queen Elisabeth II. The serviette was to be the famous lace-maker's pride, however, the craftswoman died suddenly leaving the work unfinished. HISTORICAL ATTRACTIONS In the town centre, it is worth it to see the classicist building of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (address: 1 Maja 49, phone: 33 855 24 90) and the Habsburgs' Wooden Hunting Palace (address: ul. Lipowa 4a, phone: 33 855 35 60) which until 1986 had served as a tourist shelter at Przysłop under Barania Góra, when it was moved to the centre of Wisła. On the spot, you can learn the incredibly interesting history of the building which now is a headquarter, among others, of the Wisła branch of the PTTK (the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society. Also a permanent exhibition dedicated to grouse can be admired there (Grouse in the forests of the Beskid Śląski). In the town centre, a place worth visiting is also the Museum of Parachuting located in the "Agawa" facility (address: ul. Przylesie 1a,phone: 33 855 13 53 - visiting after prior phone call). At the road from Kubalonka to Wisła-Czarne, Zamek Prezydenta RP [the Polish President's Castle] at Zadnie Gronie is worth visiting. The residence offers guiding programme and it is available for tours all year excluding Sundays and holidays. The tours are arranged with a guide. Free of charge visits in the facility are possible from Wednesday to Saturday, at 11:00, 12:30, 14:00. A tour should be booked al least 7 days in advance. On one of the Wisła's districts, Głębce, the is a beautiful wooden church, the Finding of the Holy Cross church. In its vicinity, over the road leading to another district - Łabajów- there is a seven-arch railway bridge built in 1931-33 which is impressive still today and is a proof of the economic scale of the Interwar period. In Głębce you can also visit the Museum of Pharmaceutics located in an old cottage in Kleszczonka. It is a charming place with a unique history which is worth knowing (address: ul.Głębce 22, visiting after prior phone call - 607 894 129, 603 323 454). NATURAL ATTRACTIONS 1. THE MONUMENT OF THE SOURCE OF THE VISTULA RIVER - address: Wisła, ul. Olimpijska The monument is a symbol of the river connecting all the Polish lands - from the mountains to the sea. The sculpture shows a girl with a bunch of flowers, standing on a column over a pool. The monument was re-erected based on the original one made by Konstanty Laszczek in 1936 which had been destroyed by the Germans. Right next to it, there is the Oak of Freedom planted by Bronisław Komorowski, the President of Poland on 13 June 2014 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of regaining freedom. 2. ISTEBNA TRIPOINT - a place where the boundaries of three countries meet (Poland, Czech and Slovakia). The place gives you a unique experience of standing on the territories of three countries at once. The borders meeting point (Hrcava, Istebna and Cierne) is located in a 8-metre deep and 34- metre wide gorge of a stream and it is the circumcentre of the isosceles triangle vertices. The triangle’s vertices are granite monoliths 240 cm tall. 3. THE CZERNIAŃSKIE LAKE - Wisła Czarne, ul. Czarna Wisełka A water reservoir of the area of about 30 ha and a 30-metre high dam, built at the late 1960s in order to dam up waters of White Vistula and Black Vistula. The Czerniańskie Lake, apart from its functionalities, has become a picturesque element of the Beskid landscape and an ideal place for photos. As it is a reservoir of drinking water, it is not allowed to swim there or to practise water sports. 4. TROUT HATCHERY - Wisła Czarne, ul. Czarne 2, phone: 609 099 179 A unique complex of 120-year-old hatchery of brown trout, brook trout and rainbow trout. 5. WATERFALL IN THE VISTULA RIVER - Wisła Czarne- this beautiful, 8-metre high waterfall, artificially created in the 1950s, is particularly enchanting when the level of water is higher. Fish ladder, a system of small water steps allowing fish to swim down the river, are a part of the riverbed at the waterfall.

Attractions for the active ones: ski slopes presenting various levels of difficulties (22 ski lifts, including modern ropeways), cross-country skiing routes (Wisła Jawornik, Dziechcinka, Stecówka, Kubalonka, Istebna), cycle routes (parts of European Route 24 and Central European Greenways), downhill routes (one of the most interesting - on the Stożek peak), Mountain offroad park (where you can rent a quad bike and off-road vehicles, a 15 ha park area, 5 routes of various degrees of difficulty), hiking and walking trails (total of approx. 150 km), tennis courts, football pitches, volleyball and basketball courts, aqua park, ropes courses

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