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Get a voucher!

An idea for a unique gift

We see that you are looking for a nice gift for your loved ones. Trust us - there are few presents better than a stay in the mountains in a place with a beautiful outlook on the Vistula river valley! Not only is it providing relaxation and chillout - but also unforgettable memories and something unusual the gifted ones will always remember. As you are here, you must be looking for something different than a regular present - have a look at our proposals below.

Voucher is an excellent gift for Parents (also as a “thank you” gift at a wedding), for the Loved One or as a birthday gift. Voucher is a universal and convenient gift form - for you and for those who will be given such an exceptional present. The person who has received the voucher can choose the most suitable dates of the stay themselves. That is why you can be sure that they will be satisfied with the gift and that they will “unwrap” the gift as they wish.

For your convenience, we have prepared two delivery options:

FASTEST OPTION: a Voucher in an electronic form, for you to print it yourself, sent to a given e-mail address, for free. RECOMMENDED OPTION: a Voucher sent via courier in a form of a tasteful present, fully prepared and ready to be handed - in a fancy envelope tied with a ribbon, a person receiving the gift is going to find the voucher, the hotel guide book and a special welcome letter from the hotel. We send a package within 24h working hours after the address and phone number of the Receiving Party and the payment confirmation have been sent to the hotel's reception desk e-mail. Courier delivery fee - PLN 30.00

The Voucher is valid for 6 months.

We are offering four types of vouchers, three of them include a stay in the Standard Room with a balcony and an outlook on the Vistula river valley (see more on that room in the Rooms tab), and one of them is a voucher to our “Jedli w Wiśle” restaurant. There is also a possibility of buying an additional gift box to the room or a romantic dinner.


3-day stay for 2, including 2 nights with HB in a special price of PLN 819.00 (the cost of the ready-to-be-given voucher with the courier delivery fee: PLN 849.00)

This is the most popular of our vouchers. It provides a great holiday getaway with HB and a beautiful outlook on the Vistula river valley.

- - -


2-day (1 night) stay for 2 with HB in a special price of PLN 469.00 (the cost of the ready-to-be-given voucher with the courier delivery fee: PLN 499.00)

An interesting and affordable idea for a gift - a chance to escape from daily life a little.

- - -


A relaxing 3-day stay for 2, including 2 nights with HB, a welcome bottle of wine and a 1-hour anti-stress massage for each of the Guests. Voucher price: PLN 1099.00 (the cost of the ready-to-be-given voucher with the courier delivery fee: PLN 1129.00)

An excellent choice if you want to give somebody full relaxation and chillout in the unique atmosphere of Wisła.

- - -

PROPOSITION 4 - a voucher to the “Jedli w Wiśle” restaurant.

The most delicious present you can give! It is just perfect for people who appreciate the tasty Polish cuisine.

The person who received the voucher may choose freely among dishes and drinks in the restaurant menu, within the voucher value.

Choose the value of the voucher: PLN 200.00 / 250.00 / 300.00.


GIFT BOX - You want to give something more? Surprise the loved ones with a gift box in the room!

Our box is a unique gift full of exceptional local products you cannot buy in chain stores! Values we cherish are environment, naturalness, beauty and quality. Each gift set is neatly wrapped and decorated with a ribbon. All the products are arranged so that the gift is ravishing after unpacking, therefore you can be sure that the Guests who receive it are pleasantly surprised. At a request we can attach a card with personalised wishes!

Box for one person: PLN 199.00, for two PLN 299.00

ROMANTIC DINNER for two in the hotel “Jedli w Wiśle” restaurant including a starter or soup, main course, dessert and a glass of wine. It is not only a delicious dinner, but also a great opportunity to spend some extraordinary time together, let's say, a receipt for love!

Dinner for two: PLN 300,00

This form of present is not only universal but also very exceptional. This way you can give somebody something that cannot be bought. Something that can be unwrapped only by them: great time full of unforgettable memories. Availability of rooms in the voucher offer may be limited - you cannot use a voucher in holidays, long weekends and most of the high season weekends (summer and winter school break). Check also our special offers, also see our blog!

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