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If you complain about stress, muscle or headache or just want to relax after an exhausting day - we invite you to the hotel's massage, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and sauna rooms.  
Due to irregular working hours of our massage room, you are asked to book a massage in advance. All massages and treatments are given by certified masseurs and physiotherapists. 1. Anti-stress massage of the whole body Thanks to the adequate application of classical massage techniques, it is the most suitable form of massage for the those who live in constant stress. A calm and rhythmical way of massage does a great job to the nervous system, removes stress, eliminates involuntary muscle tone, restores correct heart rate, proper blood circulation and pressure. Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 209.00. 2. Relaxation massage of the whole body The massage is performed with slow strokes having a calming effect on body. It mostly aims at reduction of body tensions, it is recommended after a long physical or mental effort, it supports recovery and eliminates the negative impact of stress. Time: 30 minutes | Price: PLN 169.00 Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 209.00 3. Full body massage with oils Massage performed with a heated natural organic cocoa oil which has a high biocompatibility with skin. Thanks to its unique properties, not only is it good for the skin, but it also smells lovely and has a light texture. Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 249.00 4. Hot stone massage Performed with the use of volcanic basalt stones, heated to about 60°C, having incredible properties of retaining temperature. This massage is strongly heats and relaxes tense muscles. Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 249.00 5. Collagen massage This relaxing type of massage penetrating into the skin is a perfect way to supplement the lack of collagen in the skin and to give it the glow and firmness. An original method of collagen application combined with manual massage techniques rejuvenates your skin! Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 279.00 6. Hot chocolate massage A relaxation massage combined with exceptional olfactory sensations gives you a chance to reach higher levels of chillout. The treatment has an intensive anti-stress effect and it boosts the hormones of happiness. Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 279.00 7. Hot candle massage A relaxing massage performed with a hot candle stimulates the senses and is deeply relaxing. Aromatic scent of a candle, warmth of wax and relaxing touch make this massage truly exceptional. After the treatment, the skin is incredibly soft and smooth. Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 209.00 8. African ritual A luxury Shea butter massage. The butter comes from butter tree growing in Central Africa. For many years it has been valued for its skin care and medicinal properties. It shallows scars, accelerates skin healing and leaves the skin more beautiful. Especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 219.00. 9. Eco-organic ritual A relaxing massage with natural cocoa butter that, thanks to its properties, has beneficial effects on the skin. This ritual is an excellent senses stimulation and skin regeneration - 100% natural. Time: 55 minutes | Price: PLN 279.00

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