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Saunas with resting spot

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Saunas with resting spot

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Sauna, to cut long story short, does a great job for our body. If you know its beneficial effects - you certainly know why it is worth it to use it. If you don't - try! You will love it! The Hotel's Guests can use the saunas for free. What distinguishes us among other places it that the sauna zone is available 24/7. Our Guests can use dry sauna, infrared sauna and resting spot with loungers. The sauna zone is each time made exclusively available for 45 minutes. You can book the zone two days in advance. In order to book a sauna session contact the reception desk. Tip: If you want to make your sauna session more attractive, we can add a few drops of scented oils mixture to the water bucket. You can choose among the following scents: fir, birch, eucalyptus, citrus, arctic berries, white water lily. Price: PLN 10.00 / session.

Finnish sauna, so-called dry sauna, has been helping people throughout the world relax and improve their health for ages. Sauna means high temperature - so desired over autumn and winter - thanks to which our body purifies of toxins and excessive water. It makes us feel like a new person. What is more, steam made by ladling water onto rocks ionises air. Such a treatment has an excellent impact on our bodies, it reduces fatigue, anxiety and nervousness. During the session in sauna, the body purifies of waste products of metabolism and toxins. Skin temperature increases up to 40°C what causes vasodilatation, improves blood circulation, firms the skin up and relieves muscle and joint pain. Respiratory rate increases and lung ventilation is significantly improved. The best time of day for Finnish sauna is late afternoon or evening. Details: wooden room temperature: 85°C, humidity about 20-30%, room climate: dry (ladling onto rocks at the end of the heating) Supports detoxication, cleanses skin, stimulates blood circulation, immune system Recommended time: 15 minutes (heating), 20-30 minutes (break), two-three times, recommended frequency: once a week Infrared sauna The session is held in lower temperature, up to 60°C so that we can enjoy it longer, to 30 minutes. Infrared radiation heat the body up to 4.5 cm deep causing intensive sweating. In one session we burn up to 900 calories (equivalent to jogging for 10 km). Infrared sauna has numerous advantages: skin is cleansed of toxins and is evidently looks better; visibly reduces cellulite; is recommended by doctors for treatment of sore muscles, injuries, dislocations, joint disease and circulation disorders; it reduces nervous tension.

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