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What to see in Wisła in November?

17 October 2018
Are you wondering whether it is worth going to Wisła in November? We answer: DEFINITELY YES. We have collected for you 6 ideas for November activities in Wisła:  
Events  1. Of course - the ski jumping competition on the hill Adam Malysz in Wisła-Malinka. The competition will attract the attention of global and Polish media, as well as the huge interest of fans. At Pod Jedlami Hotel you will not find any places anymore, but in Wisła - as much as possible.  When: 17-18.11.2018 Where: Skocznia in Wisła-Malinka Distance from the hotel: 5.9 km  2. Concert of Tomasz Stockinger "You will not forget me anymore" - it will be a memory of the interwar period in music and speech and an evening in the atmosphere of the most beautiful hits of Polish pre-war cinema.  When: 08.11.2018, 16:00 Where: Municipal Public Library. J. Śniegonia. Distance from the hotel: 1.6 km  3. " Chanson Paris " - moody recital of songs Edith Piaf. In this unique program - the most beautiful songs Edith Piaf, French hits and hits by Ewa Demarczyk, as well as poems by Jacques Prevert and Halina Poświatowska - will sing for you Marta Baszyńska - Wilk - actress of music scenes and vocalist.  When: 10/11/2018, 19:00 Where: Villa Rubinstein Distance from the hotel: 2 km  Places  4. Beginning of November, we all visit cemeteries. Few people know that in Wisła there is a very atmospheric cemetery " on Groniczek ", compared to the Zakopane Meritorious Cemetery on Pęksowy Brzyzek. A small cemetery located on a small hill rests, among others, Patron of the market in Wisła - Bogumił Hoff. Distance from the hotel: 1.2 km  5. The smaller number of tourists in the Vistula than in the season has its advantages - going to the gallery at Dziadek, you have a much better chance to see the works of local artists and to talk with people running the gallery. Distance from the hotel: 1.7 km  6. Mountain paths filled with colors of autumn - directly next to the Hotel Pod Jedlami there is a yellow tourist trail leading to Wislańskie Trzy Kopce. We strongly encourage you to go on a trip there - the whole trip will take about 3-4 hours, on the way you will encounter, among others fantastic Telesforówka hut - http://telesforowka.pl/ - with a lookout, providing an amazing panorama of the Beskid peaks. Distance from the hotel: 10 meters  - -  Go to Wisła in November - see the special offer " Colors of Autumn in Wisla ", which will allow you to learn about the advantages of our town and - just - relax.  See also 6 interesting facts about the Vistula, about which you had no idea!  
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